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Reviews from Google

I’ve been going to Skin Republic for cold laser facials for the last 3+ years and Vivian is absolutely fabulous. My skin texture has improve so much since I started seeing her. She is so knowledgeable and really takes the time to educate you on the steps she’s performing and why. I trust her completely with my skin and can’t wait to go see her next!

Christine Liu

I’m not one to do reviews however when you get amazing service and results which are life changing I make exceptions. Vivian has been working year round to help me and my partner get our skin appearance back on track. I suffered recently from really bad adult acne which resulted in dark pigmentation which if you look at me today you would never know. Vivian boosted my confidence and continues to keep me on track. I highly recommend getting in contact with her. Thank you for your continued support Vivian and if you don’t believe me I have before and after pictures!

Samantha and Sheri

Vivian has helped me clear my long-term acne prone skin through the glow peel treatments. Prior to the treatment, I had tried different skincare products without really understanding what the root cause of my problem. Vivian helped me understand the condition of my skin and taught me good skin hygiene. She is easily approachable and not pushy when it comes to helping patients select a treatment plan. Don't hesitate to pay her a visit if you suffer from adult acne like I do.

Ying Wang

Vivian is the only skin care specialist that was able to combat my melasma successfully. I am so grateful for her advice and help. I would definitely check her out if you have been battling and type of skin condition. She is the best I have come across and that is many, all over the city and region.

Cat Scug

The service was exceptional and my skin has never looked better. I had 7 glow peel treatments done on my skin over a period of time. After the first treatment I had already scene amazing results, convincing me that this treatment would continue to improve my skins appearance. Using the products sold at Skin Republic, I am able to maintain the results of this treatment. I now feel confident in my own skin and no longer have to apply loads of foundation before walking out the door.

Alyssa Delrizzo

Vivian changed the way I saw my skin. I have been going to her for the past two and a half years and my skin has changed dramatically. Everyone noticed a difference and they are always asking me what I do differently. Vivian is my holy grail! I don't trust anyone else with my skin and I don't bother looking for new skincare products like I use to. As cliche as it sounds.. I have found the one!

Irene T