Cold Laser Facials

Signature Cold Laser Facial | 60 minutes

"The Time Machine"

1 treatment | $225
3 treatments | $599

Neck $50/session
Neck & Decollete $75/session
Eye Treatment $30/session

The Signature Cold Laser Facial is our most popular and most sought-after high-tech treatment due to its preventative, progressive and long-lasting results. This SCULPT AND LIFT treatment is hyper-customized and utilizes the most effective technologies wrapped in one treatment; such as, low level light therapy, cryo infusion, microcurrent, ultrasound, microdermabrasion. It’s ideal for preventing and treating accelerated aging, decreasing fine lines and maintaining muscle tone. This all encompassing facial also strengthens your skin, decreases skin inflammation (which is the main cause of accelerated aging), and recharges the battery of your cells to perform optimally in the deepest layers of your skin. See why the A-list celebrities love this treatment.

Recommended For: Age Management, Dehydration, Reactive, Sensitive, Dull Skin

Best For: Lifting & Sculpting, Restorative, Brightening

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Ultra Cold Laser Facial | 90 Minutes

“Tighten, Sculpt & Lift”

1 treatment | $349
3 treatments | $949

This is the ultimate way to experience a skin transforming treatment that is the super-charged version of our Signature Cold Laser Facial. It includes everything from our Signature Version with additional advanced medical-grade technology that delivers skin firming benefits- TIGHTEN, SCULPT AND LIFT. This popular celebrity treatment gives you a ‘natural facelift’ without the unnecessary downtime; in fact, you can repeat this as often as you’d like. It includes our most advanced hi-tech modalities: a low level radiofrequency technology that tightens and contours skin; a negative ion therapy used to stimulate collagen and repair damage, and a microcurrent to sculpt and lift your muscles with very special attention to your eye area. This all-encompassing facial will give you dramatic and cumulative long-lasting results without downtime.

Recommended For: Sagging Skin, Loss of Volume, Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Best For: Firming, Lifting and Sculpting, Restorative, Brightening

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Firm Up | 45 Minutes

“Tighten & Firm”

1 treatment | $225
3 treatments | $599

TIGHTEN AND FIRM your face without discomfort, downtime or numbing. Our low-level radiofrequency and controlled heat energizes cells and gives the most effective non-invasive treatment for an instant lift. Microcurrent combined with low level therapy work in the deeper layers of the skin and is added to enhance definition and contour. A finishing cooling oxygen-infused treatment will leave you refreshed and radiant.

Recommended For: Sagging Skin, Loss of Volume, Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Best For: Firming, Lifting and Sculpting, Brightening

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Signature Biologique Recherche Facial | 75 Mins

“Where Luxury Meets Results”

1 treatment | $249
3 treatments | $675
* Includes Neck & Decollette

Biologique Recherche (BR) is world-renowned for their best-in-class results from their clinical and innovative approach to skin care using pure, concentrated and raw active ingredients. A-Lister celebrities and fashion icons across the globe revere this luxurious Parisian skin care line. Each issue is targeted in depth with the goal of regenerating and rebuilding your skin to counter everything that weakens it. There are no two treatments that are alike as they are customized to your skin condition at that very moment. The BR facial is accompanied with 1 customized booster and an array of their proprietary Lift and Sculpt Method. Come and experience the renowned Biologique Recherche Glow.

Recommended For: Age Management, Dehydration, Reactive, Sensitive, Dull Skin
*Safe for pregnant women

Best For: Lifting and Sculpting, Restorative, Brightening, Lymphatic Drainage

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Ultra Biologique Recherche Facial | 90 Mins

“Double the Results”

1 treatment | $325
3 treatments | $875

Defatigant Eye Patches $40
Liftkiss Lip Treatment $30

The combination of the Bioloigique Recherche Facial and the state-of-the-art microcurrent with low-level light therapy will remodel, firm and lift. It is considered "pilates" for the face to provide immediate and long-lasting results. This will elevate results and double the intensity that are tailored to your skin.

Recommended For: Age Management, Dehydration, Reactive, Sensitive, Dull Skin

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Enzymes, Peels & More

Essential Glow | 30 mins

“Get Your Glow Back Fast!”

1 treatment | $125
3 treatments | $299

Add Ons:
Neck $25

You can always find time for your skin with the Essential Glow. These corrective treatments will target your specific concerns with no downtime or irritation. Your esthetician will help you choose the best treatment for concerns. Your treatment may include microdermabrasion, enzymes, peels, Gua Sha, detoxifying or oxygenating treatments to customize your treatment. For best results, a series of treatments are recommended.

Recommended For: Age Management, Mild Breakouts, Brightening, Sun Damage, Dull Skin
*Please indicate if you are pregnant.

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Signature Clinical Facial | 60 mins

“Not your Ordinary Facial”

1 Treatment | $165
3 Treatment | $450

This corrective clinical treatment is designed to maintain healthy skin and pamper your stress away. It corrects, nourishes, hydrates and brightens skin with our signature lifting massage. It addresses the client’s individual needs. Every step has a purpose of rejuvenating and correcting concerns or issues i.e. age management, acne, breakouts, dehydration, dullness, fine lines.

Includes: microdermabrasion, enzyme/peel, face, neck and shoulder massage, masks, cryo infusion, high frequency, extractions, clinical products

Recommended For: Mild Age Management, Mild Breakouts, Brightening, Sun Damage, Dull Skin
*safe for pregnant women

Best For: Resurfacing, Correcting, Brightening, Maintenance

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Signature Glow Peel | 30 mins

“Progressive not Aggressive”

1 treatment | $199
3 treatments | $499
* Post-Care Included ($125 Value)

Our Signature Glow Peels are corrective and tailored to your skin and desired results. These are clinical treatments that loosen damaged and sluggish outer layers of your skin, regenerate skin cells, stimulate collagen and elastin production and dramatically improve the overall appearance of your skin. This process causes superficial layers of dead skin to peel off, forcing the development of healthy new cells revealing a smoother and more radiant complexion. When peels are performed regularly, the skin begins to rejuvenate itself like younger skin and your skin thickens.

Recommended For: Moderate Age Management, Acne, Hyperpigmentation, Sun Damage, Textured Skin, Large Pores

Best For: Resurfacing, Hyperpigmentation, Acne, Age Management

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Tasting Menu

The Tasting Menu Package

“Unlock the Full Potential of Your Skin”

$899 for FOUR Full-Length Treatments

Not sure which treatment to choose? Because each of our treatments are quite unique and have their own characteristics, here’s your chance to get the full experience of what we have to offer to help determine which treatments are best suited for your skin needs and what your preferences are in order to help you reach your skin goals.

Treatments include:
1 Ultra Cold Laser Facial
1 Signature Biologique Recherche Facial
1 Signature Glow Peel
1 Signature Clinical Facial
*No substitutions can be made

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Pigmentation Removal Treatments

Pigmentation Removal Treatment | 30 mins

“Clear and Bright”

1 treatment | $1200
*Each treatment Includes a Post-Treatment Home Care Kit ($585)

Our pigmentation fading treatment is the world’s leading pigment removal method that has an intensive corrective and fading action on sun spots, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, age spots, freckles, and even melasma. It is corrective and controls pigmentation, achieving amazing results in one treatment with a commitment to home care in a short period of time and gives you long-term results by keeping hyperpigmentation under control. A take home kit is included to provide you with a month of products to help optimize results. A consultation must be booked before scheduling a treatment

Recommended For: Hyperpigmentation, Melasma, Sun Spots, Senile Lentigo, Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH), and Freckles

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Microneedling Treatments

Ultra Stem Cell Microneedling | 90 mins

“Progressive not Aggressive”

1 Treatment | $499
3 Treatments | $1350

Neck $150
Decollete $150

Microneedling is the gold standard in skin rejuvenation treatment and causes minimally invasive micro-injuries to the skin without causing open wounds, damage or burns. Skin Republic uses the highest quality device paired with an award winning stem cell technology with Growth Factors and Cytokines in aesthetics and dermatology fields, AnteAGEMD, to deliver faster healing time, more regeneration and optimal results than your standard microneedling treatment. We respect the integrity of the skin and the micro-channels trigger the stimulation of collagen and elastin, retexturizing the skin, reducing fine lines, filling in scars, tightening and thickening skin and helping fade hyperpigmentation. This treatment is suitable for all skin tones.

Recommended For: Moderate Age Management, Scar Reduction, Brightening, Loss of Elasticity, Acne Scars

Best For: Resurfacing, Correcting/Restoring, Fades Hyperpigmentation, Reduces Fine Lines

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Signature Microneedling Treatment

1 Treatment | $450
3 Treatments | $1199

*post-care included with each treatment

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Skin Tag Treatments

Skin Tag Removal | 20 mins

“Tags Begone!”

1-3 Spots | $115
More than 3 spots | $150

This is a quick and easy treatment. It uses radio high frequency electrical current to dehydrate the top layer of the skin irregularity to allow new, healthy skin to grow. The skin irregularity is treated on the epidermis and does not disturb the surrounding skin. This treatment does not involve a laser or a scalpel. We strongly advise you to have your doctor examine any questionable spots. We will not treat any lesions that we feel are not safe to do so. Anywhere between one to three treatments may be needed depending on the individual.

Recommended For: Skin Tags and Cherry Angiomas (blood spots) on the face and body

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